Hello! I'm Emily and I create experiences to make news more actionable and accessible at The Texas Tribune. This year, I'm leading design and user research for our user portal build out, upgrading our comment experience and cooking up some fun ideas for new Texans. Before joining the Texas Tribune, I made experimental visual stories for The Washington Post

Designing elegant, intuitive experiences that make the news more accessible is my passion. User research is a big part of this, as it’s a great way to develop curiosity and empathy about how readers learn and behave. I enjoy applying my expertise to news and product, and I think each realm has a lot to teach the other. I also excel at facilitating communication for large projects, leading brainstorming exercises and collaborating across departments in big and small companies.

I studied graphic design, multimedia journalism and Spanish at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In my spare time, you'll find me practicing yoga, baking or hanging out with my corgi, Blue.