What are you hungry for?

For the 5th anniversary of “40 Eats” — an annual feature of must-eat dishes in the D.C. area — I wanted to bring together five years of recommendations in a fun, browsable way. This was a quick-turn project that I designed and developed on my own, quickly repurposing code and design elements from a past project on where to cool off near Metro.

Design challenges

Traditional searchable databases work well when the audience is familiar with the content and knows what to search for. For this project, the database consisted of 152 dishes from D.C. area restaurants — something few people could name off the top of their head. So I created a “concierge” of sorts to allow readers to find tasty dishes by flavor profile (spicy, sweet, comfort, etc.) and price range (“keep it under $10”, “let’s not spend a fortune” and “I feel like splurging”). And because this annual feature is a local favorite, I made it easy to filter your search by D.C., Maryland or Virginia.

Apart from making the list of dishes easily browsable, I organized information about each dish in a clean, digestible way without losing the depth of information we had to offer.

Favorite Takeaway

One of my favorite things about this project is it’s reusability. We can easily update the database with next year’s recommendations and many elements of the design have been incorporated into our Post Graphics style guide. Making delightful projects that still honor our brand and style is one of my favorite challenges in any project. You can read more about how I developed the Post Graphics UI style guide here.

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